About us

ILUSTRIS Publishing comes from Poland where it is an established company with over 15 years of experience in creating and selling unique greeting cards.

We are Bartek and Marta, a husband and wife team. We met each other over eight years ago thanks to ILUSTRIS cards, and from that time these designs stay with us almost every day.

Since November 2011 we have been managing ILUSTRIS Publishing UK Ltd. This UK based company operates as the sole and exclusive distributor of ILUSTRIS products in the UK.


Andrzej Tylkowski is the main artist of ILUSTRIS Publishing.

He creates original and contemporary designs which are quite different to what can already be found in most shops. He doesn’t categorise greeting cards by putting generic texts, jokes or descriptions. His designs speak for themselves; they need no words!

Tylkowski is most renowned for his year-round greeting cards, including the most popular collection – The Fleeting Moments. These designs help to express real emotions that are unique and which show us the importance of intimate moments.